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Is Proud To Introduce A New Member Benefit

Life Insurance At Discounted Group Rates

Guaranteed Acceptance For You & Your Spouse

Valuable Protection for You and Your Loved Ones


Outstanding Features and Our Five-Way Guarantee:

Guaranteed Acceptance For You and Your Spouse
Guaranteed Lifetime Coverage To Age 100*
Guaranteed Level Premiums To Age 100/You Cannot Be Singled Out For Rate Increases
Guaranteed Level Benefits/No Benefit Decreases
Guaranteed Double Benefits For Accidental Death


No Physical Exams or Laboratory Tests
Insurance Amounts From $5,000 to $25,000
*Partial Benefits Are Paid During The Policy's First Two Years For Death Caused By Illness
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To Request Information By Phone Call 1-800-955-0418 x 222
Email: info@masonicbenefitsgroup.org
We selected Monumental Life Insurance Company (Baltimore, MD)
to underwrite this essential coverage.
Group Policy # MZ0910901H0000A

They're an old-line company (established 1858), have over $63 billion of insurance in force,
and enjoy exceptionally high ratings by all four independent ratings analysts:
A.M. Best: A+
Fitch: AA+
Moody's: Aa3
Standard Poor's: AA
(ratings current as of 2006)
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The Masonic Benefits Group Life Insurance Plan is designed to provide funding for final expenses. It is a way for caring individuals to remove the burden of funding these costs from family members, community members or lodge brothers. Today it is not uncommon for these financial arrangements to cost $5,000 to $15,000 or more. Final burial expenses can include:
Burial Plot
Casket and Crypt
Funeral Services
Clergy Fees



The Masonic Benefits Group Life Insurance Plan is a thoughtful way for you to fund these expenses. It is a lasting reminder of your care and concern for those you love. In nearly all cases benefits are tax-free.

Policy Type:

Level Term to Age 100.
First year benefit for death due to non-accidental cause is equal
    to 125% of annual premium
Second year benefit for death due to non-accidental cause is equal
    to 250% of annual  premium.
Full policy face amount payable starting in year three and beyond.
Double benefit payable from original policy date for death due to accidental cause.




You may name any family member, friend, associate, or your lodge. Beneficiaries can be changed, added or deleted at any time.


Benefit Amounts: $5,000 to $25,000


Monthly Premium: Click Here

Availability: Ages 45-75
To Request An Application: Click Here
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